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An insight about charity:

‘The price for a good deed is a good deed’

This morning I found out that my van wouldn’t start because last night I was using the car battery to charge my phone during Zoom sessions

So I went into the town to see if anyone could help me and within 40 minutes I was driving away

The butcher got his friend to help me and she refused my money even when I insisted- this is how good Cornish people  are

I should have went to the butchers to buy some meat (to repay him) but I did not and am currently in Truro library doing some work - when I return to St Agnes I will go into the butchers shop (it could be tonight or later)

I would have no use for this meat, but I plan to give it to a humble and charitable man I met in a nearby shop - he lived 20 years in France and gave me some good advice for travelling there

I like to believe that acts of charity are done to me because of acts of charity that I have done to others in the past - I like to believe that the universe sees my good deeds and uses others to do good deeds to me to restore the balance

It is important to note that without humility, no acts of charity with be done to us because an arrogant person is who we want to help the least

Acts of charity inspire acts of charity - the opposite of charity is greed, and it is greedy to not repay a favour


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