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Personal Development

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In January I was chopping up raw chicken in a pakora factory in a cold, windy town in east Scotland, and although many people would have loved to be in my situation, it still really sucked.

Now I'm travelling in Spain and life is much better. But in 2024 I can focus much more on Inspiration Paradise and my art business. (I have a business with a relative but I don't really wanna share them publicly :/ I dunno, I've watched The Social Network and it freaked me out)

I've been focusing on women too much, when the reality is that the women I'm interested in are only interested in guys who are super successful. Therefore, I must increase my success this year, and I think that this will come from much more focus on business.

One by thing that's kind of on my mind is that I was given a bunch of weed by a friend I made in Alicante, and I think I should probably just throw it out.


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