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Seeker: Mates, what is happiness and how do you get it?

David: I say that happiness is the nature of the witness of experience - the one who is watching experience is always happy, in the same way that the screen of a movie is always peaceful

Only when we forget who we are do we suffer

Can what is watching suffering suffer?

Seeker: Witnessing experience. I've never seen it from this perspective. 😬 Noice 👌

I still don't get it. Sorry. 😂

David: You are aware of suffering yes?

Who is aware of the suffering?


Who are you?

“I’m a man who does this job who lives in this country bla bla bla”

No you are talking about the mind and the world - you are the one who experiences all of that - you are the witness to all of that - who are you _really_? Who is aware of the world and the mind? Focus on the word ‘I’

Seeker: Who am I really? A mind who witness the world.

David: In my language, we are the one who is aware of the mind and the world

We are the one who is aware of memories, thoughts, etc.

Seeker: Yes


David: Exactly 👌🏼

Alex Duerre
Alex Duerre
Jan 30, 2022

Yes, when you can get into the “witness” position and just see thoughts as aspects of your awareness that come up and then pass, it is quite peaceful, and happiness is sort of a natural experience. I resonate with this a lot, yet at the same time it can be so easy to become identified with internal dialogue (and ideas from others) and “lose” this witness perspective. It is really an ongoing process 😂



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