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Seeker: Mates, what is happiness and how do you get it?

David: I say that happiness is the nature of the witness of experience - the one who is watching experience is always happy, in the same way that the screen of a movie is always peaceful

Only when we forget who we are do we suffer

Can what is watching suffering suffer?

Seeker: Witnessing experience. I've never seen it from this perspective. 😬 Noice 👌

I still don't get it. Sorry. 😂

David: You are aware of suffering yes?

Who is aware of the suffering?


Who are you?

“I’m a man who does this job who lives in this country bla bla bla”

No you are talking about the mind and the world - you are the one who experiences all of that - you are the witness to all of that - who are you _really_? Who is aware of the world and the mind? Focus on the word ‘I’

Seeker: Who am I really? A mind who witness the world.

David: In my language, we are the one who is aware of the mind and the world

We are the one who is aware of memories, thoughts, etc.

Seeker: Yes


David: Exactly 👌🏼


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