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No matter how big or small the struggle,
REAL freedom and happiness are ALWAYS possible.

Learn to stay happy, healthy, and free of stress no
matter what life throws your way. 

If your experience has been anything like mine...'ve probably heard people say things like:

  • Addictions don't go away

  • Pornography is harmless

  • You can't get addicted to pornography

  • Being addicted means you're beyond repair...

...and other hope-destroying sentiments from the "realists" of the world.


But what if they were wrong?

What if they simply didn't understand where the struggle comes from and why they're really struggling in the first place?

What if, instead of resigning yourself to coping with stress, anxiety, addiction, depression, overwhelm, ptsd, or getting "triggered", you could simply learn to live in a way that makes them not come around anymore?


And then go enjoy your life!

This is how I broke free.

I had already spent 6 years of my life trying and failing to find a way out of my own depression, stress, anxiety, and addictions in every way I could think of:

Coaching Programs, 12-Step Programs, Private Counseling, Reading and Studying, Online Programs, Forming New Habits, Energy Techniques, Guided Meditation, Healing Training, Retreats, Seminars, Accountability Partners.

I certainly learned some great things, but all I ever found was temporary freedom with a whole bunch of guilt and worry about going back. I thought "This can’t be it!”

I didn't want to live a life where I had to 'manage' something I hated.


I searched and searched until I found a simple and direct way to uncover how my mind actually works, and what the real issues were, and how to solve them so they don't come back.

Now I'm 2 years free of pornography and have already helped many hundreds of people quit for good.

- David Reynolds

"I never thought freedom was possible"

"I had given up hope, and this was truly the final straw, but thanks to David
I'm back on my feet again and happier than ever. I never thought freedom was possible."
-Harry S.


What Clients Are Saying

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