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David Reynolds

David Reynolds



Join date: 30. Dez. 2021

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Until the age of 14 I often found life very difficult, until one day after a bad day at school I typed in on YouTube ‘how to be happy’ on YouTube and I began to apply personal development advice.

I became more confident in school, finding myself in many social groups. A year later in 2015, a YouTube channel I had subscribed to started to produce videos about spirituality, and I was introduced to spiritual enlightenment at 15.

By 16 I felt compelled to share the knowledge I was learning, and felt deeply conflicted on what kind of life I wanted to lead. I almost became a wandering saddhu many times.

From 17-18 I was in BIMM music college in Brighton 'studying' drums. I say 'studying' because I was mostly smoking weed and playing music. Not a lot of studying going on. I dropped out in the spring of 2018, and have since been integrating different Spiral Dynamics stages, creating an income online, and building this project.

Super looking forward to the future, and enjoying the present,


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