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Reset to Natural

Return to a natural state, before any bad habits or social pressure

  • 1 Stunde
  • via Zoom


Although meditation has become more familiar and commonplace in the mainstream of the West, many people still think of it as a weird, slightly unnatural practice – something foreign to everyday life and "common sense." People see it as a "technique" or as an impossibility, or something ultimately unknowable. Nothing could be further from the truth. Meditation IS nature. Nature, including true human nature, at the very core of it, is one with meditation. We look past the "techniques" and into the core of the essence. Using this as the central theme, we explore ways to reset your mind, emotions and body to their natural rhythms. When this happens, insight, health and joy follow naturally, without having to "work" on it, or "achieve" those things. We explore how "unnatural" ways of living and thinking cause all kinds of problems, neurosis and sickness, and how resetting to "natural" is the ultimate medicine.

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