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What on Earth is Going on?

Ending existential confusion by zooming out to see from higher view

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The modern generation suffers from a kind of dystopian spiritual aimlessness. Mainstream society is losing faith in organized religion, turning to ideas that were once considered "fringe" or "occult" and taboo. We're hopelessly over-educated, and frightfully disconnected. We feel a "god-shaped hole" in our lives, and we don't know how to fill it. Maybe the next self-improvement book will help. Maybe the next technique is the one… or so we hope. Theories, beliefs, dogma, books and philosophies simply don't cut it. We want something real, something honest, something that makes us feel alive and aligned. In these sessions we will unravel the journey of mankind's search for meaning, and talk about how we can contact something deep, honest, real and eternal within ourselves. When our inner core senses a deep connection with meaning that transcends book knowledge, we become whole. Things make sense again.

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