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Guys, since a very long time I have conflict within me. I want to be healthy but also to gain muscle. The thing is that real health means for me also a lot of energy. But when I eat much, I lose energy. To stomach proceeds the food and it costs a lot of energy over the day. I wanted to eat only natural foods and not so much of it or fast more but then I would not be able to gain much muscle. Anyone of you had the same conflickt? I ask myself if I have to give up one of these goals or if it is possible to have both on a high standard.

Aleksej Torschin
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Welcome to our Exercise & Movement group, a community where members can freely share images, text, videos, files, and polls related to enhancing their exercise and movement practices. Join us as we inspire and support one another on the journey towards improving physical fitness, exploring different types of exercises, and discovering effective movement techniques. Together, let's empower ourselves to lead active and healthy lifestyles.

I have personally witnessed the incredible benefits of incorporating Chi Gong into my life. Whenever I experience a headache or any form of bodily discomfort, such as waking up in an awkward position, I have found solace in practicing Chi Gong exercises.

The gentle movements, combined with focused breathing, have a remarkable ability to release tension, enhance energy flow, and restore balance within the body. The transformative effects of Chi Gong on discomfort and overall well-being are truly astonishing. If you haven't yet explored the practice of Chi Gong,

I highly encourage you to give it a sincere try. The patience and commitment to this ancient discipline can yield profound results for your physical and mental equilibrium, and for me, it's second nature to treat physical pain with Chi Gong.


Welcome to our Exercise & Movement group, a community where ...
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