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No matter how hopeless you feel,
David Reynolds can help you make progress.

I don't need to sell myself - I will simply get you the results you want:

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More detail about my journey to freedom from using pornography:

You've probably heard people say things like:

  • Addictions don't go away

  • Pornography is harmless

  • You can't get addicted to pornography

  • Being addicted means you're beyond repair...

...and other hope-destroying sentiments from the "realists" of the world.


But these people are all wrong.

They don't understand where the struggle comes from and why people are struggling with pornography in the first place, unlike me.

Here's how I broke free:

Unfortunately I found pornography at aged 11 - I'm 23 now.


I started using it a lot at aged 14 and spent the next 5 years of my life stuck in addiction. At some point I realised and saw that quitting was a way out of my depression, stress, and anxiety.

I spent years trying loads of different things:

Reading and studying, online programs, forming new habits, energy techniques, guided meditation, healing training, retreats, seminars, accountability partners.

I learned some good stuff but I could have just humbled myself and got guidance.


I was really embarrassed as I thought of myself as a strong person and especially didn't want to pay someone to guide me. 

I got free by going through about 2 years of mental anguish and creating my own ways to deal with the problem (which I'll share with you), but I didn't really need to go through all that.

It's been around 3 years since I've watched pornography and I feel amazing. I feel more like a man, more able to lead my family and more able to make people laugh. I'm outgoing in social situations because I'm proud of who I am.


There's no way I can be free without helping others, so book a free welcome meeting and let me help you too.

- David Reynolds


Free Welcome Meeting


Choose your plan

  • Bronze

    jede Woche
    For lower budgets- the most accessible plan
    • Weekly one-hour check-ins via Zoom / Whatsapp video call
    • An action plan customised to your specific journey and needs
    • Increased testosterone, vitality, and general happiness
    • Reduced shame and guilt
    • Homework to hand in for each check-in to keep you on track
    • Easily cancel anytime
  • Silver

    jede Woche
    Probably the best value plan
    • Get personal help for quitting porn from a 2-year NoFapper
    • Up to two one-hour check-ins per week via Zoom / Whatsapp
    • Includes 90-Day Holistic Program for Quitting Pornography
    • Scientifically-proven methods to quit porn addiction
    • Personalised tasks to complete each week
    • Personalised book recommendations
    • Get help with creating romantic relationships
    • Experience real happiness again
    • Reclaim your authentic masculinity
    • An action plan customised to your needs
    • Reduced shame and guilt
    • Easily cancel anytime
  • Gold

    jede Woche
    Will probably help you beat porn addiction 30% faster than the other plans
    • Up to two 1 hour check-ins per week via Zoom / Whatsapp
    • A customised action plan to ensure your success
    • Practical tasks to complete each week
    • Access to an online program of your choice
    • Increased testosterone, vitality, and confidence
    • The 90-Day Holistic Program for Quitting Pornography
    • 24/7 access to your coach via Whatsapp messenger
    • Priority scheduling
    • Easily cancel anytime

Things I've posted into the WhatsApp group:


‘Śquishy Piñata selling pornography is similar to selling drugs - it supports your family but it contaminates people who are in other families


In a moral society we make money in ways that help other people to be healthy and happy


Selling drugs or porn does not make people happy, it gives people pleasure in exchange for their mental health


Think about the psychology of a man who is willing to pay for sex - these these men addicts who are looking to numb their pain with momentary pleasure


You’ll also have to find a man who is ok with you having sold your body online - the mentality required to do that denotes a complete lack of respect for fidelity, therefore your pool of possible partners will include only men who don’t think infidelity is a big deal…


If you lie to your man and say that you never did OF, there will be an layer of lies between his and your heart - and one lie turns into many - this prevents true closeness, which can lead to infidelity


What you’re doing is selfish because you only care about your family - start thinking about the entire world and this prostitution will stop


The problem is that greed will keep you from wanting to understand why porn is bad for men - if you understood, you wouldn’t sell porn


TLDR; you’re just like a drug dealer - start caring about everyone’s familys, not just your own’

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