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Seeing 'The Game of Life' for what it is

Reach new understandings by exploring the game of life in-depth

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Seeing "the Game" for What it is Do you feel conned and cheated by life? Do the goals and dreams that society expects you to chase seem futile and empty? Do you suspect that you're caught in some kind of social-spiritual spider web, and you can't seem to get out of it? Perhaps the pursuit of nice things, power, fame, prestige, or academic accolades doesn't appeal to you. Perhaps you feel like a misfit and an outsider. You sense that there is some kind of game being played here, in this life, but you can't understand the rules, and you can never win. If this sounds like you, then you may be at the first stages of awakening. You may be hearing the eternal music of the ages. Through these sessions we will explore what all of this means, and how you can figure out what it is that is really calling you. You may discover unexpected depths, insights, and a deep inner knowing that has been singing a song in your brain all your life.

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