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The Art of Letting Go

Learn powerful techniques to let go of anything holding you back

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Why is it so difficult to let go of pain? Why does the past cling to us, why do our problems cling to us like burrs, and why do we struggle to move on? What does letting go even mean, and is it really a good strategy? What will happen to me if I let go? Will I go mad? Will I drop out of society? Will I lose the things I love? Will I become a forest hermit or a bum? What should I let go of – and for Pete's sake – how? Meditation helps us to let go of the suffocating stranglehold we are maintaining on our very own lives. Letting go of all the rubbish that clutters our minds and hearts opens the way for new growth, for wonder and celebration in our daily lives. In this course, we will explore how to do it, and how to stay in the state of flow.

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