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Personal Development

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I can't remember the last time I heard the word 'courage' being used by any modern source of entertainment or information

Courage is essential for solving the most important practical problems in life

What I feared when I was a teenager was becoming comfortable in life, because then I'd no longer need courage in order to sustain myself, and without courage it's very hard to avoid stasis

Courage is like a muscle that gets weaker if we don't use it

As I begin travelling south across France next week there will be challenges that require courage to fix - there are real dangers that I won't enumarate here just in case 'speaking into existence' works the other way around...

This whole topic is very masculine, related to morality, duty, etc.

To what extent would these masculine things play a role in a utopian world?

I look forward to increasing my courage during this 3-month trip


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