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Spiral Dynamics 🌀

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Having solidly embraced Orange for the past 6 months to create my desired life situation, I will now be looking to embrace more of Green and spending more time in Green circles.

I will try to do this without losing touch with Orange, and the Orange circles which I’m part of, until my life situation has truly become my dream situation.

So I'm going to be attending a Meetup event for Green people called Mantra Vibes, where they play bongos, chant, and do other early-Green stuff.

Talking to Orange people about Inspiration Paradise can be difficult, because they don’t really know what spirituality or holistic health is, but with Green people, they are usually already interested in these topics and tend to have a good understanding. This means that spending time in Green circles is probably the way to go for me to grow this platform.

If you’d like to help grow this platform, make sure to chat about it with Green people, as they’ll love it.


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