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The power of silence

The more information someone has about you the better people can manipulate you. But who would do something so cruel you ask me? My answer is everyone! Human have a need to control. This is just nature and they want the best for themselves. I believe it is important to be honest but that does not mean that I have to say everything on my mind. In societynowdays people preach that everyone must be vulnerable. They say to be an open person is the highest glory of the world... The society teaches to distrust the instinct. Distrust all your instincts, stop your paranoia and just be kind. Then they can controll you easily. I say stop this! They want you to reveal everything that you become predictable and easy to manipulate. It is way easier for a boss to have his workers under control when he knows what is in their minds. Trust your instinct. If you have some sense of paranoia it can be a sign. A damm good sign Obsorve the people closely. Watch out for patterns. Don´t trust a single word they say. You will understand people way better by watching out for patterns and trusting your instinct. The dark side reveals way more about the people than the "butterflower" side. Everyone has a dark side. People who pretend they don´t have it just lie! The more information they have the more oppurtunities they have to control you. The same counts for people who want to sell you something. They want to know a trigger of you. A button on which they can press.

It is not like the people want always to control you on purpose. They are not even aware that they try to control you. Most of them make it consciously. But there are monsters in the shadows sometimes. You never know...


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